Confessions of an Esthetician

Confessions of an Esthetician

Hello, I’m Kayla. I’ve been obsessed with all things beauty my entire life and I’ve been an Esthetician (aka skin care guru, skin therapist, or facialist) and Makeup Artist for over 10 years. I’m sure my mom would lament the number of times she caught me hiding in my closet, in the middle of the night, with a Cosmo magazine, a mirror, and tweezers. I loved trying all the beauty tips from mayo and egg hair masques to over tweezing the brows, which never grew back (thank you ’90s). I graduated from a local community college with my certificate in Cosmetology Aesthetics and have learned so much working in beautiful salons, resorts, and medspas across the US. I believe my education is ongoing and I love sharing what I learn with my clients. I find great joy in helping people boost their confidence and self-esteem by achieving their skin care goals.

With all of that being said, sometimes I don’t follow my own advice and have experienced some beauty goofs and my skin suffers. Yes, even I, the all knowing esthetician makes beauty mistakes. I’m here to share all of that so you can laugh and learn with me. I will post product reviews, makeup tutorials, skincare tips, advice, Q&A, behind the scenes, and confessions. If you have a burning beauty question or confession, you can email me at Who knows, your latest skincare or makeup oops could end up on this blog, name omitted of course.

Welcome to “Confessions of an Esthetician”

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